New Alpine Public Library opening is imminent

ALPINE–Most everyone sees the activity going on at the new Alpine Public Library building, and we all want to know: “When is it going to open?”

“We’d like to thank everyone for their patience as the final details come into place,” said Alpine Public Library Board President Chris Ruggia. “At this point we expect to open just as soon as the paving on the parking lot and access road can accept vehicle traffic. We hope and expect that to happen within the next two weeks or so, but with paving this time of year, it all depends on the weather.”

The interior of the building is complete and the books are on the shelves, including 3,000 new volumes specially purchased for opening day. “Our amazing staff and volunteers have really gone above and beyond in getting everything moved, catalogued, and ready to go,” said Ruggia.

The popular Re-Reads Bookstore that stood next to the the old library building will find new life inside the new structure, in a larger room with increased shelf space. Friends of the Alpine Pubic Library volunteers have moved, sorted, and shelved dozens of boxes of “gently used” books donated by the public or withdrawn from the Library’s collection to be sold at the store’s remarkably reasonable prices.

“This library building is a true community effort,” said Ruggia, “it came together out of large and small donations from all over Alpine and beyond, and we are humbled and grateful for the support we’ve gotten all along the way.”

“In particular, I also want to thank Brewster County for doing so much to make this building a reality,” said Ruggia. “Judge Beard was instrumental in getting our Board moving seriously on the project. She pushed us when we needed it along the way to make sure we raised the money we needed to get it done, and then of course the County carried out all of the work as our Construction Manager. Without them, we wouldn’t even have doors to open.”

As we drive down Avenue E over the coming weeks, we’ll all be watching as the paving is completed and hardens day by day, bringing us ever closer to resumed library services in a new facility we all can be proud of.


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