Regular Gazette contributor Mark Kneeskern puts out call for support for new book

Regular Gazette contributor Mark Kneeskern’s book is scheduled to be printed by mid-April. You can order advance copies and make sure he has enough funding to hand to the printer by going to by 9 pm on March 5, and searching for “The Last American Hitch-Hiker.” The more Mark raises on Kickstarter, the more books he can print. Special rewards are listed for each amount contributed to the project, plus all people who contribute will get their name in the book!  Email Mark at for more info.

From Mark:
A MESSAGE TO FRIENDS WHO HELPED FUND MY BOOK (and those who might still join us!)  If you’d like to contribute to this book about me putting myself out there into the elements of humanity. Humor is the vehicle of this book, and people’s stories provide the fuel, but stranded along the road is a story about giving yourself the gift of time spent utterly alone. The Funky Americana of roadside attractions, gas-station trinkets, and trash in the ditches provides us with a plasti-comic reality check here and there.

THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (just imagine infinite O’s) MUCH for your amazing support of this book. It’s my baby…my lifetime achievement thus far…my pride and joy…my obsession…my most revealing work of art produced in the 40 years I’ve spent on Earth. You’re all going to be on permanent record of having helped me reach my destination. I feel a profound endearment towards all of you. Old friends and newfound friends alike have seen that this is a worthwhile project

I’ve reached my “goal” but would love to get Over-Funded to help pay for shipping, design fees, etc. Plus, the more funding I get, the more books I can print and get out to the good folks of the World. Three days left on this official site for funding, but I’ll still personally be looking for more, hoping to get 2000 books printed instead of just 1000. “Spread the Wild Words, Like Wind Blowing Dandelions.”

Peace to you and yours, Mark

EYEBALL Studios Guarantee: You will laugh, you will think deep thoughts, you will read in the bathtub, you will not use it as a doorstop except in heavy winds, you will spill coffee on it but I think that only adds character, you will sometimes wonder why I did it, you will hopefully pass it along to your friends and familly, it will not make your kids go out and start a hitch-hiking career, you will be satisfied yet left wanting more…



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