Audit finds evidence of financial cover-up at Alpine City Hall

by John Waters, Publisher

In the yet-to-be-released City of Alpine Annual Financial Report for the Year Ended September 30, the accounting firm of Skinner and Lara has discovered an attempted cover up of payroll advances made to city employees.

These advances have been reported previously in other media; however, the report of an attempted cover up is being made public for the first time. A copy of the auditor’s report was made available to the Gazette last week by an undisclosed party.

In this report, the auditors state, “An invalid reconciling deposit in transit was carried on the bank reconciliation in an attempt to cover up the employee advances at year end. A management-approved audit adjustment was proposed to reduce cash and properly report the advance as employee receivables.”

“During the course of our audit we found out that many employees were taking large cash draws on an account called Emergency Payroll Advances. In Fiscal Year 2012, $123,015 in payroll advances from an account called Emergency Payroll Advances. One employee alone drew $24,000 and another $11,650 and these employees took advances almost every month. During the course of our audit we noted that many employees received their paychecks in advance on many occasions (This is in addition to the payroll advances previously discussed).”

On Tuesday, April 2 at 6 pm the auditors report will be presented before the Alpine City Council at its regularly-scheduled meeting at Alpine City Hall on W. Holland Avenue.


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