Home pick-up of bulky trash in Alpine: 2014 schedule

Got junk?  Getting rid of it is as easy as putting it in front of your house. Four times per year bulky trash will be picked up at your home if you are a City of Alpine residential trash customer.  Just place up to five bulky items at the front of your property during the designated week for convenient pickup.

Each collection period is three weeks long. Different materials will be picked up each week, which will keep them separate for easier recycling.

The first week of each collection is for pick up of bulky items such as old furniture, mattresses, large plastic kid’s toys and other large plastics. These items will go into the landfill.

The second week of collection is for leaves, grass clippings, brush, and tree trimmings.  You must put leaves, grass clippings and other small trimmings in paper yard waste bags so they can be recycled.  Plastic bags will not be picked up.  Cut brush and tree limbs into pieces no longer than 4 feet, and bundle them with string or twine (no wire) so they are easy to pick up and can be chipped into mulch.

The third week is for metal: appliances, water heaters, bicycles, scrap metal, lawnmowers, and evaporative coolers.  This metal will be recycled.

A maximum of five bulky items will be picked up at each residential address during each collection week.  Items must be on your property near the curb; do not put anything on the street, sidewalk, in an alley, or next to a dumpster.

Tires, car batteries, and hazardous materials can not be picked up.  Please call 294-3183 for information on how to properly dispose of these and similar items. Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners will only be picked up if the Freon has been removed by a licensed technician whose sticker is attached.  Construction debris is not included in this residential pickup service.

The bulky trash pickup schedule for 2014 is: 

January 6: Bulky landfill items

January 13: Brush, tree limbs, bagged leaves and grass clippings

January 20: Large metal items

April 7: Bulky landfill items

April 14: Brush, tree limbs, bagged leaves and grass clippings

April 21: Large metal items

July 7: Bulky landfill items

July 14: Brush, tree limbs, bagged leaves and grass clippings

July 21: Large metal items

October 6: Bulky landfill items

October 13: Brush, tree limbs, bagged leaves and grass clippings

October 20: Large metal items

Let’s Keep Alpine Beautiful!  Put the proper items at the edge of your property by 7a.m. on Monday of each collection week. Items that are not being picked up that week will just sit there looking trashy.  This service is being provided to make it easier to properly dispose of bulky items, increase our recycling, and put less in the landfill.  Together we can make this work!

If you miss one of the collection weeks and can’t wait until the next one, here are other options: brush can be taken to the City yard next to the recycling center from 8-12 noon Monday through Friday for free; bulky items are accepted at the landfill from 8-5 Monday through Friday, and 9-3 on Saturdays, however, you will be charged a fee. 

Please call 837-0845 for more information if needed.

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