Brewster County Tax Rollback Election Set for December 6

This morning Brewster County Commissioners Court accepted 931 verified registered voter signatures to a petition to set a tax rollback election. The court set the special election for December 6.

The rollback effort, spearheaded by south Brewster County resident Julianne Braun, is a grassroots effort to reject the 22% increase in tax revenues approved by the county. If the initiative set for the December 6 election passes, the county will be mandated to a 8 percent tax revenue increase. Braun told the Gazette, “I am very surprised they set the election date as early as they did. I am very happy to have an election date that early.” Braun added she would check to see if  the early election date is legal.

Candidates in Brewster County for judge, treasurer and county commissioner have all said they favor the tax rollback

Former Brewster County Judge Val Beard who was present at commissioners court when asked for comment on the tax rollback said, ” No I’m not going to make a statement, I’m a private citizen.” Breard was at court to formally thank Commissioner Asa “Cookie” Stone for his many years of service said of Stone during court, “You epitomize getting things done.” Stone’s resignation from the court was accepted today.

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