Pet Blessing this weekend at St. James Episcopal Church in Alpine

Pet blessing and All Souls celebration mark All Saints weekend at St. James Alpine


St. James Episcopal Church, Alpine will celebrate the creation in its many forms for the Feast of All Saints with a pet blessing at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 1. All are welcome to bring their pets – on leash or in a carrier – to receive a blessing. Participants are asked to bring something to help the Alpine Animal Shelter – towels and blankets, toys or food (Purina Cat Chow or Pedigree Dry Dog Food). The Shelter will also bring dogs and cats to be blessed.

On Sunday, November 2 at 11 am, all are invited to join the continuing celebration at the service of Holy Eucharist (Communion) by bringing pictures of past loved ones to place on the altar for remembrance and blessing. Participants may also light candles and pray for loved ones.

This celebration marks the inclusion of all of creation in the kingdom of God. Through all the changes that occur in life, what will not change is God’s love for the whole creation. All Saints’ Day focuses on the lively connections among all creation in all times and places, the living and the dead, the revered and the forgotten.

A potluck lunch follows the service and all are welcome. St. James is located at N. 6th and Ave. A in Alpine.

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