Brewster County Commissioners Court to meet Tuesday March 3 at 9 am for special meeting, financial odyssey on agenda

Brewster County Commissioners Court will meet on Tuesday March 3 at 9am to discuss two agenda items.

The first item will discuss Odyssey Specialty Vehicles a New Jersey manufacturer of emergency vehicles. The court will discuss the mater in private or executive session, then discuss the mater in open session.

In 2013, Odyssey was acquired by an investment firm, The Echo Stream Group that issued the following statement, “EchoStream Motor Group has acquired the assets and name of Odyssey Automotive Specialty, Inc. and is continuing Odyssey’s operations as a going concern.”

Although the statement mentioned maintaining Odyssey as a “going concern” it did not elaborate what the financial condition of Odyssey was at that point in time.

It is unknown if this change in ownership has affected the business Brewster County has with the company.

The second item will discuss a 2015 Budget Workshop and take action on the tax rollback.

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