Letter to the Editor from Dale Christophersen of Alpine

Letter to the Editor:
Thanks to Brewster County Commissioner Pallanez for bringing up for review the widely criticized county policy on payment of medical insurance for county retirees adopted in July 2014.  He provided data on present expenditures facilitating projections into the future.  Discussion at Commissioners Court Tuesday (March 24) made clear that there are several portions of that policy which need much fuller examination and consideration than occurred on adoption last year.
The Commissioners Court voted to arrange a public workshop with participation by staff of the Texas Association of Counties, the results of which would likely guide any modifications of that policy.  Reasonable provision of benefits for county employees is certainly essential in fairness and in support of retention.  The question here is what is reasonable and what might it cost in the future to sustain?  Open discussion to which this Commissioners Court seems committed should help arrive at good solutions.
Dale Christophersen

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