Brewster County Commissioner Johnson Resigns

Brewster County released the following press release today regarding Commissioner George Johnson’s resignation from office today:

“Commissioner George Johnson has resigned from his position as Commissioner of Precinct 1 effective April 1st, 2015. Commissioner Johnson sited reasons in his business and his life makes it impossible for him to give his full attention to the Commissioners Court. There are no provisions in state law for a special election to fill a vacancy other than in conjunction with the date of the next general election. Judge Cano has only two options; appoint a Commissioner of Precinct 1 or wait over a year and a half for the November 2016 general election. Judge Cano hopes to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. To apply for the vacancy please leave a resume with the Brewster County Judge’s Office. Applicants must live in Precinct 1.”

Johnson who was in office less than six months, was appointed to office last November by former Brewster County Judge Kathy Killingsworth upon the resignation of Commissioner Cookie Stone.



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