Fort Stockton residents will soon see mile-long Waha-Presidio Trans-Pecos Pipeline project trains in town

Pipe deliveries will take railroad cars through town

FORT STOCKTON – Motorists in Fort Stockton will soon be seeing mile-long trains come through the community about four times a week on the Texas-Pacifico Railroad line.

TXPF will be transporting gas transmission pipe sections for the Waha project in far West Texas. The shipments will be offloaded in Belding, Texas. The pipe will be stored at and then distributed from the existing staging yard along I-10 in Fort Stockton. The railroad will carry the pipe cars through Fort Stockton to Belding, where the pipe sections will then be trucked up to Interstate 20.

This is a significant change since trains had been only going as far as the Fort Stockton Rail Yard.

Residents of Fort Stockton will see about four mile-long unit trains per week moving back and forth through town. The delivery of pipe by rail should continue for about a year.


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