Brewster County Commissioners Court to meet Wednesday at 10:00 am in South County



1. Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance
2. Public Comment
3. Minutes / additions / corrections / approval
4. Road & Bridge Department / Community Facilities

A. Road & Bridge Superintendent’s Report, General updates on maintenance and repairs for all county roads & state of County Roads System; road materials including, fuel, supplies including usage & inventories & future needs; budgetary matters; equipment including heavy equipment, (maintenance repairs, future needs, replacement and additions), pickups, trailers and other light vehicles and accessories, and small equipment, (usage, future needs), equipment rentals; facilities (yards in Alpine, Marathon and S. County) cattle guards, fences

and other means of containing livestock; safety issues and equipment; and community facilities (assistance with maintenance and other related issues); assistance to other governmental entities and emergency responders; personnel issues, (vacancies, new hires, discipline, performance, safety and other general personnel matters); permits for boring or trenching for utilities across County Roads / Discussion and appropriate action

B. Discussion and appropriate action for general work of Road & Bridge Department to go forward

5. Treasurer
A. General Bills / Discussion and appropriate action

B. Financial Reports / Updates, Discussion, Review and appropriate action concerning the following:

Specified Activity Report Cash Flow Predictions
Budget Analysis Usage Report Receipt File Listings

Cash Report Grant Reports

Payroll Reports Check Register

Transfers Personnel/Overtime Reports Other Financial Reports as Requested by Commissioner

C. Other general administrative & procedural matters related to Treasurer’s Office / Discussion and appropriate action for work of Treasurer’s Office to go forward

  1. Officials’ Monthly Reports
  2. Delinquent Property and Delinquent Fine & Fees Tax Collections / Discuss and take action to employ Law Firm for Delinquent Property and Delinquent Fine & Fees Tax Collections (presentations by Law Firms on May 11, 2015)
  3. County Emergency Management Office

A. General Report including:

Recent emergency responses; emergency planning update; recent work with cooperating emergency responders: (ESD #1, all VFD’s and EMS); update on needs, programs, training, recent work with other governmental entities; equipment for emergency response and updates regarding needs, maintenance, repairs, replacement and additions; emergency management issues related to burn bans; emergency management issues related to communications & public information; emergency management issues related to County insurance coverage; personnel issues related to emergency response, exercises & drills; matters related to pending & future Homeland Security & FEMA Grants and other funding, matters related to 911 EMS in County and matters related to 911 & 911 addressing / Discussion and appropriate action

B. Discussion and appropriate action for general administrative work of the Emergency Management Department to go forward

9. Discuss Solid Waste Management Grants for Scrap Tires Transporter (performance period ends June 30, 2015) and Recycling Trailer (performance period ends July 31, 2015)

10. Brewster County Sheriff’s Office / Request to formalize Mutual Aid Law Enforcement Agreement with Jeff Davis County / Discussion and appropriate action

  1. Discuss and consider the submission of a program year 2015, TXCDGB Colonia Construction Fund Application to the Texas Department of Agriculture
  2. Discuss Rio Grande Electric CO-OP Plans to improve service to South County
  3. Schedule next Regular Commissioners Court Meeting (Tuesday, May 26, 2015)
  4. Adjourn

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