Beard pleas to lesser charge

On October 7, 2015, Tom Beard appeared in 394th District Court of Brewster County, Texas. He was charged by Information with a felony count of Assault on a Public Servant, alleging that Beard assaulted Mauricio Cordova, Brewster County Deputy Sheriff, on May 14, 2015, while Deputy Cordova was arresting Beard. Beard plead guilty to the lesser offense of Interference With Public Duties, will serve six months probation, pay a $500 fine and court costs, and lose his handgun permit.
Beard had been charged with “Felony 3 Assault on a Public Servant, DPS Code 13990063 Code and Section: PC 22.01 (b) (1).”
In his sentencing Judge Ferguson addressed the defendant,  “Mr. Beard, as I understand the plea agreements in this case, the information complaint is for a third degree felony. However, in exchange for your plea of guilty the state would reduce that to a Class B misdemeanor, your sentence would be six months in the county jail but that period of incarceration would be suspended and you would be put on six month probation during which time you would comply with all the terms and conditions the court orders, it would include court costs of $303 and a fine of $500.”
Beard offered the following public apology that was read to the court by District Attorney Rod Ponton:

“My name is Tom Beard. I wish to publicly apologize to the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Mauricio Cordova, and Deputy Doug McIntyre, for my actions and behavior on May 15, 2015. I was wrong.”
During the proceedings Brewster County Sheriff Sargent Mauricio Cordova served as court bailiff. Beard had been charged with felony assault of Cordova while being arrested for trespassing at the Pumpco staging site for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline on May 15.
Beard and Cordova did not exchange words.

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