Brewster County Tourism Council to Meet December 1 in Alpine

Brewster County Tourism Council
Regular Business Meeting

10:30 am Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Conference Room 203 North 7th St, Alpine TX 79830
Val Clark Beard County Courthouse Office Complex

Determination of quorum and public posting

Reading and action on minutes

  1. Report by Good Works PR
  2. Closed session pursuant to Texas Government Code
  3. Chapter 551.074 Employee Matters.

To discuss and deliberate selection of candidate for the jobs
of Executive Director and Executive Assistant

  1. Re-convene in open session
  2. Vote as necessary to select an Executive Director, and determine how
    to proceed with selection of Executive Assistant
  3. Consideration of donations to Museum of the Big Bend and Archives of the Big Bend
  4. Recommendations to County Commissioners for re-appointment of Tourism Council board members
  5. Prepayment of invoices for 2016
  6. Authorize Ron Sanders to present budget amendments to Commissioner’s Court to close out budget for 2015
  7. Budget planning for 2017



Alpine, Marathon, and Big Bend Chambers of Commerce

Brewster County Historical Commission

Big Bend National Park
Big Bend Ranch State Park
Texas Mountain Trail

Council President and Treasurer’s report

Executive Director

Public Comment

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