Pipeline construction started near Alpine — confirmed by TPP

Construction on the Trans-Pecos Pipeline is underway, as pictured here, facing west towards Sunny Glen canyon from Hwy 118, near the Alpine-Casparis Airport. A 140-150 foot wide swath of land has been cleared for several miles in either direction as seen from Hwy 118, in a roughly east-west line. Vehicles from pipeline contractor Pumpco and railroad Texas Pacifico were seen leaving the construction zone. (John Waters, photo)
On Friday, August 5, Vicki Anderson Granado, spokesperson for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline project, confirmed to the Gazette: “Activities for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline are taking place all along the route and will be ramping up in the coming months. Crews have been clearing, grating, and building temporary fences and gates starting at the Waha Hub and working south. So yes, you are seeing these activities in the Alpine area. The Right-of-Way (ROW) is 125 feet, of which 50 feet is a permanent ROW and 75 feet is a temporary ROW for construction. The project is anticipated to be in operation in March of 2017.”

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