Restoration of Alpine’s historic Hotel Ritchey is underway!

Restoration of Alpine’s historic Hotel Ritchey is underway. Built in 1886, this historic Texas landmark stands on Murphy Street, in the heart of the oldest neighborhood in Alpine, Texas. Though shuttered for over four decades, a few years ago, builder and developer Mattie Matthaei fell in love with the dilapidated, vacant building and vowed to restore it to its former glory and transform it into a new hub of community activity.

Once fully renovated, the restored and remodeled Ritchey, with its large outdoor courtyard and rustic charm, will be a magnet for cultural events and performances of all kinds. Matthaei also has plans for a modern day saloon, serving coffees, teas, beer, wine, and locally-prepared food.

So far, Matthaei has given the Ritchey a facelift and a lot of TLC, and is eager to complete the restoration of this icon of the old West and open its doors wide to the public. Matthaei and cohorts are now poised to tackle the major repairs, improving the hotel’s foundation, upgrading its electrical system, installing a plumbing system (it has never had any), and rebuilding the two-story wraparound porch — but these projects are expensive. To jumpstart this major renovation, Matthaei is asking for help from the community. A crowdfunding campaign is being launched to raise the money needed for these fundamental improvements.

Historic Murphy Street, where the Ritchey stands, is experiencing a renaissance; the hotel is the largest structure on the street, and is one of the last to be restored. The Ritchey will be the pride of this small commercial district, and will help showcase Alpine’s rich history and our community.

Please help us restore this historic Texas landmark. Join us Friday, November 18, for a crowdfunding kickoff party at the Ritchey, 102 East Murphy St., Alpine. Local eclectic acoustic band The Swifts take the stage from 7-8 pm. Our fundraising efforts end on December 15th, 2016.

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