Alpine animal adoption event this Saturday, Jan. 28

The Alpine Humane Society invites animal lovers and those looking to adopt a dog or cat into their families to please come to the Alpine Animal Shelter, on Old Marathon Highway on the far east side of town, this Saturday between 11 am and 2 pm. Wonderful dogs and cats are waiting for their new homes. During monthly adoption events, adoption fees are halved to $50 per animal, and some animals are available for even lower fees. All animals available are spayed or neutered and have been medically examined by a local verterinarian, and microchipped for later identification if found elsewhere.
Annabel, a 2-year old spayed female cat is shy yet super people-loving. She is currently at the Alpine Humane Society Thrift store on N 5th St in Alpine awaiting her new home. Annabel does not seem very happy about being too close to other cats, but loves to be pet and will sit in your lap for hours. She is even mellow with children.

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