Sen. Uresti says border wall is not an effective investment to secure our border

State Senator Carlos Uresti, of Texas’ District 19, today responded to the Gazette’s request for a statement about President Trump’s proposed border wall: “Texans expect our Southern border to be secure, and as a Marine I want to ensure that we adequately secure our border from drugs, terrorists and sex trafficking. I’ve spent the past two years as a member of the Joint Committee on Border Security studying the impact of Texas’ historic $800 million investment in border security. During that time, not one expert testified that grabbing private land for a border wall would be an effective investment to secure our border. Logic and data should trump political rhetoric when it comes to spending our limited taxpayer dollars and taking private property.”

Senator Uresti represents almost 800,000 people in District 19, one the largest geographical legislative districts in the nation. It contains all or part of 17 counties covering more than 35,000 square miles and spans about 400 miles of the Texas-Mexico border. The district contains 55 school districts; almost 23,000 oil and gas wells, 10 state parks, three national parks, and more than 2,700 miles of highways and interstate transportation infrastructure.

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