Senator Cornyn issues statement on potential Border Wall, urging fencing along urban border corridors, increased “eye in the sky” technology, and increase in Border Patrol agents

In response to the Gazette’s direct request for comment on the Trump Administration’s proposed border wall, Senator John Cornyn’s staff offered these comments, which he  has made previously:

“Border security is mainly a matter of political will, and the Obama administration just didn’t have it. But I really like the choice that President-elect Trump has made for his Department of Homeland Security chief, General John Kelly, who used to be the former head of Southern Command, which is the area south of Mexico. He’s very familiar with the region and of course the movement of migrants up from Central America and the like.

But I would say let’s complete the Secure Fence Act, which calls for roughly 700 miles of fencing along mainly urban areas, to prevent people from moving across, particularly drugs and human trafficking and the like.

And then let’s enhance the technology that we need, the eyes in the sky, the UAVs and the like.

And then let’s make sure that our men and women in green, the Border Patrol, have adequate troops and boots on the ground to get the job done, because if you see folks from the sky or if you see somebody climbing over a fence somewhere, you’re going to have to get a border patrol agent there to detain them. So, it’s going to be a combination.”

And the Senator’s comment on Border Walls, as issued publically via Twitter: “It’s more than just a physical obstacle. It’s people. It’s the boots on the ground and it’s the technology.”

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