Resolution against Border Wall to be voted on by Brewster County Commissioners Court Tuesday, Feb. 14

Included in the agenda for Brewster County Commissioners Court’s regular meeting Tuesday, February 14 is a proposal by Commissioner Betse Esparza — a “Resolution Against the Executive Order to Build a Border Wall in Brewster County.”

“It is mostly symbolic,” Esparza told the Gazette. “I’ve talked to people on the ground including law enforcement and border patrol agents. I have not spoken to anyone in Brewster County who is in favor of [the border wall]. Mostly this is about local control; we have law enforcement here that protect the border. I think a wall is unconscionable and ridiculous.”

The public will have the opportunity to voice comment on this (and other agenda items) before the court votes on the resolution.

The meeting will be held at 9 am at the Brewster County Courthouse at N 6th Street and Avenue E in Alpine.

The border wall near the Fork Hancock Port of Entry separates the United States and Mexico. President Trump has called for construction of some type of physical barrier along the entire border between the two countries. Last week, Reuters cited a Department of Homeland Security report that estimates the cost of such a wall at $21.6 billion. (John Waters, photo)
THIS IS THE BORDER between Texas and Mexico– the Rio Grande, as seen here as it flows into Santa Elena Canyon, in Big Bend National Park. (Marlys Hersey, photo)

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