Pipeline protester arrested in Presidio County

Pipeline protester arrested in Presidio County

The  Two Rivers Camp Direct Action Presidio County group protesting the Trans-Pecos Pipeline issued this press release:

One person was arrested another detained by Presidio County Sheriff’s office during an anti-TPPL pipeline protest early on the morning of March 14 on Highway 67 near Elephant Rock. Anna Kruger, a psychology student with a minor in criminal justice locked down in front of the gate delaying construction operations for about three hours as deputies removed her with saws and angle grinders.

Lori Glover of Alpine was detained by law enforcement after checking on Kruger’s safety.

Kruger was booked on criminal mischief, a felony and is presently in jail at the Presidio County Jail in Marfa.

Kruger said, “I Have been involved in the fight for clean water, land protection, and helping mother earth heal from all the recent destruction she has experienced at the hands of oil companies for several months now. It started when I went to Standing Rock to join my Huŋká family. We were directly brutalized on the front lines in the name of protecting clean water. Since then, the passion and protectiveness for our earth that I felt there has kindled in my heart and brought me to Two Rivers Camp. I hope someday we can see that desecrating the land and brutalizing unarmed people —women, elders, men—isn’t worth supporting an oligarchy. “


Two Rivers Camp continues to plan direct actions to stop the TPPL. The pipeline is expected to be completed by early April. Boring operations under the Rio Grande have plagued construction as deep bedrock under the river have broken drilling bits designed to fracture the earth’s mantle.

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