Trump adminstration names former Texas governor Rick Perry to National Security Council, Homeland Security Council

Yes, that headline is correct.

Former Governor Rick Perry, who is now Secretary of Energy, has been named to the National Security Council.

According to National Security Presidential Memorandum 4 dated April 4, the Secretary of Energy shall be a “regular attendee” of the National Security Council meetings.

Aside from being governor of Texas, Perry became famous in 2011 when, as presidential candidate, during a Republican primary debate on CNBC, he could not remember the name of one of the three cabinet-level departments he proposed to eliminate. For a cringeworthy forty seconds Perry could only name two of the three agencies he would cut (Commerce and Education). The third, Energy, is the agency of which he is now head.

“Indeed,” wrote Dianna Wray of the Houston Press about Perry’s latest appointment, “despite more self-inflicted setbacks and failures than a more merciful God would allow, the former Texas governor continues to defy the odds with a political career that seems to be up there with Keith Richards—inexplicably still alive.”

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