Big Bend National Park Wildfire

On the morning of May 14th, a wildland fire was spotted in the Juniper Canyon area of Big Bend National Park. Lightning from the previous evening is the presumed cause of ignition. Initial response included Big Bend National Park fire crew members monitoring and assessing the fire. Additional fire resources were requested, including the Los Diablos fire crew, a helitack crew, five hotshot crews, and a Type 3 wildland fire team. While the fire is actively burning, the nearby Juniper Canyon trail as well as the Juniper Canyon and Pine Canyon roads and associated primitive campsites are closed. These closures are in effect for public safety. The Chisos Mountains area is also closed for logistical reasons. Wildfires are a natural occurrence, and serve as an important tool for maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Fires break down organic matter and enrich the soil, as well as clear away dead and diseased vegetation. Fire management plans include strategies to protect visitor safety and park resources as well as fire’s potentially beneficial effects. “We appreciate the fast response and support from our interagency and international partners, as we work together with these fire crews to safely manage this incident,” says acting Superintendent David Larson.

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