Trans-Pecos Pipeline donates $500,000 to Brewster County

Trans-Pecos Pipeline, LLC Donates $500,000 to Brewster County for First Responders Initiatives BREWSTER COUNTY, Texas, June 12, 2017 – Brewster County today announced that it has received a $500,000.00 donation from Trans-Pecos Pipeline LLC, keeping with the company’s pledge to be responsible stewards of Brewster County. The funds will be earmarked to purchase emergency response vehicles, equipment and cameras, and to finish the build out of the Alpine Volunteer Fire Department. The new emergency response vehicles will be outfitted to serve as first response mobile units. New equipment will primarily consist of firefighter gear and apparatus specifically needed to safely secure hazards or fight fires. Additionally, the donation from the Trans-Pecos Pipeline will be used to purchase and install security cameras along the pipeline corridor to enable our Sheriff’s Office to monitor pipeline activity locally 24/7. This is in addition to the pipeline’s 24/7 remote monitoring and safety systems. Brewster County will be finishing out the second floor of the Alpine Volunteer Fire Department in an effort to recruit and increase volunteer firefighter participation. The plan is to add living quarters on the second floor that will accommodate volunteers during times of crisis and/or Sul Ross State University students willing to volunteer and be on-call during Christmas and summer breaks. “Since the inception of the pipeline project, Brewster County took the position of remaining neutral, objective and transparent with our position,” said Eleazar Cano, Brewster County Judge. “It was my position that in order to protect the best interest of Brewster County, I needed to remain professional and see the development as an opportunity for relationship building versus choosing to be oppositional and resistant. Due to the conscious effort to keep the lines of communication between Brewster County and the Trans-Pecos Pipeline open and civil, we were able to work together for the benefit of Brewster County.” “In closing, the ad valorem tax revenue that Brewster County will collect from the Trans-Pecos Pipeline is based on appraised value,” said Judge Cano. “Legally, Trans-Pecos Pipeline has no option but to pay their fair share of taxes. Trans-Pecos Pipeline’s decision to provide half a million dollars to Brewster County was an option, not a tax law obligation. Relationship building seems to have paid off and Brewster County constituents can rest assured that your elected officials are doing their part to look out for your safety concerns.”

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