Study Butte Water Supply Pump Failure Causes Water Outage

Water Emergency in South Brewster County

Due to what was a possible lightning strike, a crucial water pump has temporarily ceased supplying water to the local communities of Study Butte and Terlingua, according to Rob Dean, a Director of the Study Butte Water Supply Corporation and its Public Information Officer.

Pump number one, which regularly supplies 142-gallons per minute is the failed pump. Pump number two supplies 42-gallons per minute and, while still in operation, it is insufficient to meet demands.

According to Dean, the specialized motor on pump one may take up to three weeks to repair.

The water utility supplies about 250 homes and businesses.

The Big Bend Motor Inn, Big Bend National Park and Lajitas Golf Resort all have their own water supply and are unaffected by this emergency.

The motor inn is supplying free water to residents who bring their own containers to fill.

Dean thanked Brewster County, the American Red Cross, Big Bend National Park, and the West Texas Food Bank for their rapid response to the community.

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