Dr. Eric Koch Brings Surgical Skills to Alpine

Dr. Eric Koch, MD
Dr. Eric Koch, MD

Dr. Eric Koch, MD, General Surgeon, has joined Big Bend Surgical Associates at Big Bend Regional Medical Center in Alpine.

The New York native began pursuing his interest in science and medicine as a high school student when he attended the prestigious Bronx High School of Science. Koch also attended what is now called the State University of New York Health Science Center in New York City. Koch then spent five years as a resident there after completing medical school.

As a general surgeon, Koch can perform skin and soft tissue surgeries, and abdominal surgeries, including those on gall bladder, appendix, and colon. Koch also performs upper and lower endoscopies.

Koch comes to the Big Bend from Big Spring, Texas. He has also worked in other rural communities. On being a surgeon in a rural environment, Dr. Koch said, “It will bring challenges to me, practicing in such a community. It’s important to exercise good judgment — specifically, good surgical judgment. What do I think I can handle in this size hospital, in this community? What [cases] do I think need to be stabilized, then shipped to a tertiary facility? This comes with time and experience: I’ve been doing this for over 15-years. I anticipate that my training will allow me to utilize that mature judgment to make that decision to take care of the patient. I’m confident in my abilities. I know my limitations. I know the limitations of an institution and I will use my judgment in caring for patients.”

Koch added that working in a medical facility the size of Big Bend Regional Medical Center has the advantage of doctors working and communicating closely.

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