Terlingua school seeks public input on safety

Terlingua Common School Seeks public input on safety

The Terlingua Common School District is seeking public input at the regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting, on Wednesday, April 18.

According to Board president Scott Watkins, the district is examining safety protocols and procedures just as schools across the country are. A representative of the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office will be on hand to assist. “The sheriff’s office will be there to make some suggestions, and we would like to hear from parents, students, staff and community members, as well,” said Watkins.

Watkins also said the district is reaching out to all members of the local community and the meeting will have an extended public comment session to hear the concerns and input of everyone, “even if it takes two hours”— adding, “the more open the discussion, the better.”

To facilitate participation from teachers and from parents picking up their children the meeting will be held early, starting at 4:00 PM.

The Terlingua Common School District Board of Trustees’ extended public comment session will be held on April 18, at the Big Bend Library, on the school campus, on Roadrunner Circle, in Terlingua.

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