Proposed Terlingua cell towers to be 200 feet tall down from original 270 feet

Alta Towers LLC is proposing to build two cellular towers in Terlingua 200 feet tall, down from the previously planned 270 feet. Towers 200 feet or less do not require night lighting according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. The Gazette has contacted Alta Towers to confirm if the proposed lower towers will have any night lighting. While not mandatory by FAA regulations, tower operators may opt to install them. Regarding the lower tower height, Brewster County Judge Eleazar Cano told the Gazette, “That’s great news. I’m glad to see our efforts did not go unnoticed.” On August 22, Brewster County Commissioners Court voted to amend county outdoor lighting requirements pertaining to communication towers required to have night lighting mandating them to use lighting that has “The least impact on dark skies.” The court also mandated that owners of towers that must have required FAA lighting demonstrate the tower height is necessary and justified by an analysis showing coverage limitations and impacts on the view-shed.

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