Alpine City Council to meet tonight: Trans-Pecos Pipeline on agenda

City of Alpine

Regular City Council Meeting, Tuesday, June 16th, 2015, 5:30 P.M.

Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Alpine, Texas will hold a meeting at 5:30 P.M. on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 in the Council Chambers, at 803 West Holland, in the City of Alpine, Texas for the purpose of considering the attached agenda. This notice is posted pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act. (Section 551.043, Texas Government Code).


Members of the audience will be provided an opportunity to address the Council before agenda items are discussed. The audience is also allowed to comment during the discussion of the agenda items with the Council. Please speak into the microphone located at the podium and state your name and address. If you have a petition or other information pertaining to your subject, please present it to the City Secretary. State law generally prohibits the Council from discussing or taking any action on any issue not included on the agenda, but, if appropriate, the Council may schedule the topic for future discussion or refer the matter to staff. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS ON COUNCIL MEMBERS OR CITY STAFF WILL BE ALLOWED.


  1. Call to Order, Invocation and pledge of allegiance to the flag ––
  2. Determination of a quorum and proof of notice of the meeting –
  3. Presentations, recognitions and proclamations –
  4. Reports –

     City Mayor’s Report – (A. Rangra, Mayor)

     City Manager Report – (E. Zimmer, CM)

  • City of Alpine Road Paving Update
  • Water Breaks – impact on water consumption in higher usage months
  • TCEQ Enforcement Update, Docket No. 2014-0519 – MLM – E; Enforcement Case #48535
  • Staffing/Employment Update
  • Income Statement, Budget Variance, Specific Activity Report Readout October 2014 – May 2015

   City Staff Updates –            

  1. Citizens Comments (on agenda items) – (limited to 3 minutes) –
  2. Public Hearings
  3. Public Hearing to obtain citizens views and comments concerning

         Ordinance 2015-05-02, an Ordinance setting septic system

         rates/fees for the City of Alpine, Texas, and amending Section 98-

         196, Fees of the Code of Ordinances. (E. Zimmer, CM)      

  1.   Consent Agenda – (Minutes, Financial reports, Department written

     reports, board appointments, etc.) – (Notice to the Public – The

     following items are of a routine and administrative nature. The

     Council has been furnished with background and support material

     on each item, and/or it has been discussed at a previous meeting. All

   items will be acted upon by one vote without being discussed

   separately unless requested by a Council Member, in which event

     the item or items will immediately be withdrawn for individual

     consideration in its normal sequence after the items not requiring

     separate discussion have been acted upon. The remaining items will

     be adopted by one vote.)

  1. Approve accounts payable. (E. Zimmer, CM)
  2. Approve Council Minutes of May 5th, 2015 Special Meeting and May 5th, 2015 Regular Meeting. (A. Rangra, Mayor)
  3. Information or Discussion items – (Citizens are allowed to comment –

limited to 3 minutes – after being called upon by Mayor.) –

  • Tourism readout from Chamber of Commerce (E. Zimmer, CM)
  • City of Alpine, Code of Ordinances, Section 2-258, Prior Authorization For Payment. The City Manager to present to City Council for prior authorization, any bill or obligation, incurred by the City in excess of $5,000.00. (J. Gonzales)

Action items to be accompanied by a brief statement of facts, including where funds are coming from, if applicable. (Action items limited to ( up to) 10 per meeting.) (Citizens are allowed to comment – limited to 3 minutes – after being called upon by Mayor.)      

  1. Discuss and Consider second and final reading of Ordinance

   2015-05-02, an Ordinance setting septic system rates/fees for the

   City of Alpine, Texas and amending Section 98-196, Fees of the

   Code of Ordinances. (E. Zimmer, CM)


  1. Discuss and Consider Board and Commission Appointments (E.

     Zimmer, CM)


  1. Discuss and Consider first reading of Ordinance 2015-06-02,

     Amending Appendix C, Zoning as recommended by the Planning

     and Zoning Commission, Article 1 Basic Ordinance and Schedule

     of Districts with possible amendment to only pass Section VI-A “C-0

     Offices Services District” (Ordinance 2015-06-02-A). (E. Zimmer, CM)


  1. Discuss and Consider first reading of Ordinance 2015-06-01, upon

       recommendation by Planning and Zoning Commission for Zoning

       Change from R-1 to C-0, Presidio County Health Services, Owner

       and Agent Linda Molinar, CEO. PCHS is requesting this change for

       the property to become a Medical Clinic. Property

       identification/street address is 1605 N. Ft. Davis Hwy, Alpine, Texas.

       Legal description is North Heights Addition, Block 7, Part of Lots 3

       and 4 and all of Lots 5-8. (E. Zimmer, CM)


  1. Discuss and Consider Resolution 2015-06-12, a Trans Pecos

       Pipeline Resolution for the safety and security of the citizens of

       Alpine, their property and the Alpine City infrastructure by ensuring

       that the pipeline is built to a minimum of the Code of Federal

       Regulations, Title 49, Part 192, Class 3 for the locations where the

       pipeline comes within 1 mile of the Alpine City limits. (R.



  1. Discuss and Consider Resolution 2015-06-13, a Resolution

     selecting a representative from the City Council to meet with a

       representative from the Brewster County Commissioner’s

       Court for the purpose of determining the interest of the Brewster

       County Court to share data and have transparency and to determine

       a regular mechanism that the Alpine City Council will use to

       determine what information should be shared with the County.

     (R. Stephens)


  1. Discuss and Consider authorizing the Mayor of the City of Alpine in

     consultation with the City Attorney to submit a petition to the

   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to deny Trans-

       Pecos Pipeline, LLC (FERC DOCKET NO. CP15—000) a Presidential

       Permit to site, construct, operate and maintain certain

       approximately 143 miles long 42” gas pipeline facilities to export

       and/or import natural gas between the United States and the

       Republic of Mexico for Energy Transfer Partners as it cuts through

       Brewster County, potentially endangering lives of seven thousand

       plus citizens in and around ‘Greater Alpine’. (A. Rangra, Mayor)  


  1. Discuss and Consider limiting the amount of water sold for

       commercial purposes to any entity or its’ subsidiaries not to exceed

       one acre per year at a rate to be decided by the City Council, to

       be modified by Ordinance to reflect this intent by the City Council of

       Alpine. (J. Gonzales)


  1. Council Member Comments


  1. Executive Session – Pursuant to Texas Government Code, Section 551.074 (personnel matters) and Section 551.071 (Consultation with Attorney)
  2. Annual Review – City Manager Zimmer (R. Stephens)
  3. Update from City’s Attorney on litigation in Cause No. 2015-03-BO705-CV, Emily Livingston Scown and Barbara Scown v. The City of Alpine, Texas; in the 394th Judicial District Court of Brewster County, Texas (E. Zimmer, CM)
  4. Action after Executive Session
  5. Action, if any, concerning Annual Review of City Manager Zimmer. (R. Stephens)

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