Letter to the editor and timeline of events re: Southwest Texas Municipal Gas Corporation

Dear Editor:

There has been a lot of very good coverage of the SWTMG saga locally, but no one has had the time to step back and show the overall long-term picture of it. That’s understandable because of deadlines, other stories to cover, cost of manpower, etc.
I’ve put together a Timeline of Gas Board Actions, which starts in Jan. of 2008 and extends to May of 2011. It is compiled from South West Texas Municipal Gas Corp. meeting minutes, recordings, agendas, by-laws, personal notes, eyewitness observations, and conversations with SWTMG employees. [Mr. Smyke’s lengthy document is posted below this letter.]
It focuses on three key areas: the trouble with the accounting system; the board’s actions toward [former general manager] Melvin Davis; and the takeover of the corporation by five board members: Dunlap, Johnson, Asgeirsson, Wiemers, and Brijalba.
Stepping back to take an overview provides a fresh look at the occurrences at SWTMG, and shows the long term trends in board decisions and behavior.
The two most surprising things for me were: 1) the way the gloves came off in the treatment of Melvin Davis in the fall of 2009, roughly coinciding with Diana Ageirsson’s appointment to the gas board; 2) In May of 2010 when the board first discussed selling or splitting the gas company, Hester Ann White urged the other board members to consult the by-laws and the company attorney so the board would be clear on their legal options. Two weeks later she was vacated from the board.
I’ve strived to be as objective as possible and just present the facts. I hope this timeline will help provide context for the current discussions at SWTMG and the city councils regarding splitting/selling the corporation.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments regarding this document.

Peter A. Smyke

Timeline of Actions of the South West Texas Municipal Gas Corporation Board of Directors – Jan. 2008-May 2011

Compiled from SWTMG meeting minutes, recordings, agendas, by-laws,  personal notes, eyewitness observations, and conversations with SWTMG employees, by Peter A. Smyke.

Jan 2008    Board approves “Restated By-Laws, As Amended”. All SWTMG Board of Directors members initial by-laws, including Jerry Johnson and Dan Dunlap.
Article II, Section 5, states that written notice of all regular meetings will be given to the public “in accordance with Section 551.000, et seq., Texas Government Code Ann.” at least three days prior to the meeting.

June 30 2008    Board instructs General Manager Melvin Davis to sign new contract for 100% of gas purchases at $12.30/mmbtu. Davis recommends purchasing 25% at $12.30/mmbtu, the other 75% at spot rates, but is overruled. GM Davis subsequently signs contract for 25% of purchases at $12.30/mmbtu, but waits 30 days to sign contract for other 75%. In that time, price of gas drops to $9.80/mmbtu. By waiting to contract for 75% of purchases, Davis saves SWTMG $1.5 million over life of contract.
On June 30, 2008, New York Mercantile Exchange shows gas futures dropping sharply for the foreseeable future, but board members consider it a “gamble” to not commit to 100% of purchases at the higher rate.

July 7, 2008    Board committee suggests setting gas rate at $19.29/mcf, a 30% markup, and among the highest rates in the state.

Aug. 18 2008    Board member Hal Craig suggests that because of differential in gas purchase price (25% at $12.30, 75% at $9.80, rather than 100% at $12.30) rates to customers could be lowered to $17.30, depending on expenses. Board postpones action on lowering rates.
Board authorizes GM Davis to negotiate for purchase of new computer accounting system, but does not follow General Manager’s advice and chooses a company that provides limited training to employees.

Sep 15 2008    Board approves 2008-2009 budget with gas rate to customers of $19.29/mcf

Oct 20 2008    Election of new officers by SWTMG board members, per restated by-laws.

Nov 17 2008    Dan Dunlap asks if GM Davis can contact gas supplier West Texas Gas about possibility of lowering price on gas purchase contract signed in June, 2008, because wholesale gas prices were “heading south.”

Jan 19 2009    Conversion of data to new computer accounting system complete;. new system comes on line. GM Davis informs board he is in touch with West Texas Gas rep regarding adjustment to gas purchase contract.

May 18 2009    GM Davis reports to board that they are receiving partial April financial report because new system is “locking up,” resulting in a failure to transfer data from Marfa and Ft. Davis offices.
Six $500.00 scholarships presented to students by GM Davis; 2 each in Alpine, Marfa, and Ft. Davis.

June 29 2009    April and May 2009 financial statements approved by board. Meeting minutes state: “Board members expressed general satisfaction with the financial health of the corporation.”

July 27 2009    GM reports to board that computer accounting system is working smoothly, “except that it crashed for a short duration as it was being updated” by the software company the previous Friday.
Mayor Dunlap inquires about current gas purchase contract; GM Davis explains 25% / 75% split, and that contract will run at previously contracted prices for another two years.

Sep 21 2009    SWTMG bookkeeper reports books in “bad shape” because of incorrect coding of computer accounting system (when set up by former SWTMG employee,) but are being fixed with assistance of SWTMG auditor Laura Lanham. SWTMG auditor says “system was not too complex for a reasonable person to follow instructions,” but  input was not done correctly.

Oct 19 2009    Election of new officers by SWTMG board members, per restated by-laws.
GM Davis reports that in the last four years over 1,700 leaks have been fixed.
Alpine City Council member Diana Asgeirsson joins board as Alpine representative.

Nov 16 2009    Board votes to strip employee raises from the (still unadopted) 2009-2010 budget.
Executive Session regarding personnel; upon return to regular session Dan Dunlap makes motion that next agenda include item to discuss procedures dealing with payment of personal licenses and continuing education, among other issues relating to Davis’ tenure as GM
During board member comments regarding high employee turnover, board member Hester Ann White says SWTMG does not have a “no child left behind” policy. “As an employee, you either make the cut or you don’t. That is why we have had the turnover that we have had. We cannot afford to have these people working for us.”
Leo Dominguez says that he “had never been on a more contentious board” and wasn’t sure what the board was trying to do. “To him, it seemed that the manager was trying to build the company while there were groups on the board trying to tear him down.”
Mayor Dunlap felt that GM Davis “clearly needed to work harder to motivate his employees. The company is in trouble, and it is obvious something needs to be done.”

Winter 2009-2010    Over very cold winter of 2009-2010, when customer gas bills skyrocketed, gas board majority refused to allow any of the proven $800,000 SWTMG held in cash reserves to be used for rebates or lower gas rates. Result was serious financial hardship for many SWTMG customers, especially those on fixed or limited incomes.

Jan 25 2010    Board votes to change proposed budget to remove all advertising monies from 2009-2010 budget. Board also lowers the following expense categories: Uniform Expense; Contract Services; Manager’s Expense – Gasoline; Manager’s Expense – Meals; Manager’s Expense – Misc.; Gas Board Expense; Consulting; Cell Phone Expense.
Unsuccessful attempt made by some board members to have SWTMG discontinue paying for GM Davis’ personal licenses and continuing education to maintain those licenses.

Feb 22 2010    Dan Dunlap and Jerry Johnson move to refuse acceptance of July and August, 2009 financial statements respectively, “until all errors are resolved.” Dunlap agrees to “locate someone who could analyze the accounting system and make corrections as necessary.”
Dunlap moves to table, “for lack of current financial reports,” items including sponsorship of Little League and Softball teams in Alpine, Marfa and Ft. Davis, Halloween bags for school kids, scholarships, contributions to Girl Scouts, high school yearbooks, and ads for rebate program, budget billing, and prorate. Total expense of these items is $13,000.
During General Manager’s comments at close of meeting GM Davis admonishes board members to stop using problems with computer accounting system to intimate that he is defrauding SWTMG. Davis requests an evaluation from the board.

Mar 5 2010    Special Meeting. (Board members Dunlap, Asgeirsson, Johnson, Wiemers and Garcia present; Members Dominguez, Rangra, and White absent.)
Board hires Marfa resident, accountant, and Dunlap acquaintance Bobby Duncan at $180.00/hr. to unscramble SWTMG finances, (caused by faulty set up and input of new computer accounting system by former SWTMG employee.) Duncan is “engaged”, per Marfa Mayor Dunlap, but not put under contract and not given specific performance goals. SWTMG pays Mr. Duncan over $28,000 for two months of work that SWTMG office and bookkeeping staff were already doing.
Duncan leaves this work after two months, giving a report on his efforts after the first month to the SWTMG board, then fails to provide final report or further information. Ultimately, SWTMG bookkeeping staff end up resolving accounting issues without further participation by Mr. Duncan.
Board members also approve Dan Dunlap being paid $30.00/hr to be “available as needed” to help Duncan, violating Article V, Section 1 of SWTMG by-laws stating: “…nor shall any salary, compensation or any other pecuniary advantage whatsoever be paid or given to any director or officer, nor shall any such person be assigned duties that would constitute employment.” (Dunlap does not participate in financial work on SWTMG books and does not receive any compensation.)

Apr 19 2010    General Manager Davis points out to the board that when he arrived at SWTMG the corporation was $1.2 million in the red, now four years later it was close to $1 million in the black. He notes that before he took over the gas company was in bad shape and now it was doing well, but it was still a struggle to get some board members to take his statements seriously, whereas they believed others giving the same information without hesitation. He notes that when he found $521,000 in lost revenue for an expense of $10,000, he was chastised for spending the $10,000. He asks for honesty from the board and reminds them that their loyalty and responsibility is to the corporation and the customers, and that the pettiness that some board members exhibit toward him sets a low standard.

May 17 2010    Proposal made to recommend that Alpine and Marfa City Councils lower gas rate to customers by $2.00/mcf to $17.30/mcf. (Even at $17.30/mcf, SWTMG rates are among the highest in Texas.) Marfa Mayor Dunlap calls proposal “irresponsible.” Proposal fails four votes to three.
Board discusses dividing or selling SWTMG for the first time. Board member Hester Ann White urges board to consult by-laws and company attorney to know what its legal options are, then suggests carrying the discussion over to the next board meeting to have more time for research before taking it up. General agreement from other board members.

May 27 2010    Jerry Johnson stops bore related to TXDOT Sidewlk Project/gas main replacement behind Crystal Bar in Alpine using his “authority” as Mayor of Alpine and as a member of the SWTMG board. Johnson tells boring contractor “Melvin is done!.” Contractor inquires if Johnson is President of SWTMG Board of Directors; Johnson responds that he will be Interim President of SWTMG as of that evening at midnight because “No one is running against him.”
That night Marfa city council dismisses Hester Ann White as a Marfa representative on the SWTMG board and replaces her with Corina Brijalba. Ms. White was not notified of her dismissal and later clearly indicated that she expected to fulfill her entire term.

Jun 3 2010    SWTMG attorney G. William Fowler issues Letter of Opinion regarding Jerry Johnson’s action in stopping bore on May 27, 2010. Letter states: “The authority of an individual Directors acting alone is non-existent. A Director only has collective authority when meeting as a full board or as member of a Director’s committee which requires at least two (2) Directors working together under a Board resolution. It is my opinion that no single Director has the authority to handle the day-to-day affairs of the company. Only if two (2) or more Directors are appointed by the full Board can authority be delegated to a minimum of two (2) Directors.”

Jun 7 2010    Special Meeting. Election of new Officers of the Board of Directors, in spite of SWTMG by-laws provision stating that election of officers shall be held in October of each year. Jerry Johnson is elected President; Dan Dunlap, Vice President; Diana Asgeirsson, Treasurer; Jane Wiemers, Secretary. All nominations and votes cast are by those four and Corina Brijalba, new Marfa board member replacing Hester Ann White. Board members Rangra, Dominguez and Garcia refuse to participate.
Long-serving former Marfa board member Hester Ann White clearly and unequivocally states that she did not resign or wish to be replaced, and the apparent intention was to “bulldoze” the appointment of her successor. She stated that she was not notified by the City of Marfa, and that she felt “blindsided” by the City Council’s action.

June 21 2010    GM Davis instructed to prepare financials to either split the corporation between the two cities or have Alpine  buy out Marfa. (Only Mayors Dunlap and Johnson spoke during this agenda item.) GM Davis advises board that per SWTMG attorney split can not be bartered; assets must be sold, accounts settled, then remaining money distributed to cities. Proposal tabled by board.

Jul 19 2010    Marfa Mayor Dunlap, citing a letter sent by the City of Marfa, alleges that General Manager Davis breached the Interlocal Agreement between Alpine and Marfa. After executive session of board, Dunlap makes motion to replace GM Davis with new General Manager. Other board members point out that agenda only refers to discussion and action on the Interlocal Agreement, not personnel, so no action regarding personnel changes can be taken. Dunlap insists on proceeding with motion to replace General Manager, eventually settling for a motion saying that Interlocal Agreement was breached, without personnel changes. (SWTMG attorney subsequently finds no breach of Interlocal Agreement occurred.)
Proposal to lower gas rates again brought before board. Board member Rangra points out that SWTMG currently has $900,000 in cash reserves and can afford to lower rates.
The next morning an agenda for a Special Meeting with one agenda item – terminating General Manager Davis – appears at Alpine and Marfa SWTMG buildings. Board members Rangra, Dominguez, and Garcia were never consulted regarding need for Special Meeting. After substantial confusion, Special Meeting is canceled.

Aug 4 2010    Special Meeting. In Executive Session board considers personnel issues. Action approved by board majority upon return to regular session is to have SWTMG attorney Fowler contact General Manager Davis’ attorney, ostensibly to offer a settlement to get GM Davis to leave SWTMG.

Aug 16 2010    Discussion of Bobby Duncan’s work to clear up computer accounting system problems. (Agenda item concerned getting a final report or refund of payments made to Mr. Duncan.) SWTMG employees point out that they were making progress clearing up problems with computer accounting system, but Duncan’s involvement slowed them down. No final report from Duncan stating what was wrong with accounting system was given to SWTMG, and he did not resolve the problems. Board member Leo Dominguez calls hiring Duncan a “bad mistake” by the board, describes his hiring as the “good old boy” system at work, and says SWTMG will never get its money back from Duncan.
Dominguez also asserts that board members are trying to fire General Manager Melvin Davis, and even though they made him an offer to leave he is still committed to running SWTMG as efficiently and effectively as possible.
GM Davis reports that SWTMG bookkeeping employees found original accounting error (different from coding problems plaguing system, but committed by same former employee who set up system incorrectly) and they should have all accounts and statements reconciled by next month. He reports over $1 million cash on hand. Also reports that Texas Railroad Commission is pleased with new software program developed at SWTMG that locates service to within 1 ft. of work, and that this program will keep SWTMG “ahead of the curve” with new state regulations. GM Davis also reports that repairing gas leaks has reduced unaccounted for gas (loss on account) from 20% to 2%, saving the company close to $30,000 per month.

Sept 20, 2010     SWTMG Board of  Directors members Dunlap, Brijalba, Asgeirsson, and Wiemers vote to terminate the employment of General Manager Melvin Davis without notice, cause, or reason given, after SWTMG Attorney Fowler and Mr. Davis’ attorney spend 45 minutes trying to reason with these board members. The attorneys asked the board members to list Mr. Davis’ alleged transgressions (board members did not) in order to find mutually agreeable remedies to them, and cited the laws that would allow Mr. Davis to initiate legal action against SWTMG for wrongful termination. Asked one last time before the vote to give his reasons for wanting to fire General Manager Davis, Marfa Mayor Dan Dunlap replies: “I’ll wait for the lawsuit.”
When asked by a reporter after the meeting who will run the company now, Attorney Fowler replies that since there is no Assistant Manager the Board of Directors will.
Board approves FY 2010-2011 budget based on $17.00/mcf gas rate, still among the highest in Texas.

Sept 21 2010    Jerry Johnson and Dan Dunlap assume control of SWTMG day-to-day affairs without Board of Directors authorization. SWTMG by-laws include several provisions for calling Special or Emergency Meetings, but no meetings of the full Board of Directors are called to specify, authorize, or approve changes to the SWTMG corporate management structure which would allow Johnson and Dunlap to take control.
Johnson and Dunlap begin committing SWTMG funds, also without Board of Directors authorization. They begin by purchasing gas meters and giving SWTMG employees an across the board 3% raise.

Oct  4, 2010    Jerry Johnson issues “Chain of Command” memo, inserting himself (“President, Board of Directors”) and the “Executive Committee of the Board” (also called “Board of Directors Officers”) into the SWTMG corporate management structure, without any authorization from the SWTMG Board of Directors.
Memo to employees also issued, encouraging employees to contact Board President Johnson directly with any work-related issues they may have, in contravention of SWTMG employee grievance process. (Employee statements by SWTMG personnel from late September indicate that some employees had already been bragging about going directly to board members, stating that for “anything that I want or need” they would “grant your wish.”)

Oct 18, 2010    “General Management Committee” resolution passed, naming Board of Directors Officers as day-to-day managers of SWTMG. Committee members include Johnson, Dunlap, Wiemers, and Asgeirsson. Other board members say resolution “neuters” rest of board and places power to make decisions with only four board members. Board member Garcia asks why no Special Meeting was called to decide how to manage SWTMG after GM Davis’ dismissal, and why Special Meetings were not being used to run the company until new GM was found. Board President Johnson says resolution was to “stop talk around town” that he was “out of line,” and claims other board members are upset because he took the initiative to run the company.
Board members Rangra, Dominguez, and Garcia vote against resolution, but it passes by affirmative votes of board members Brijalba, Dunlap, Wiemers, and Asgeirsson.
SWTMG by-laws stipulate that the Board of Directors shall elect or appoint its officers “at its October meeting and at each October meeting thereafter.” No election of officers is mentioned or held.

Nov 1 2010    Special Meeting. Proposal is made to have City of Alpine Staff (City Manager, Utility Director, and Finance Director) perform “an objective assessment/review of SWTMG, at no cost to the corporation.” The “objectivity” of the assessment is questioned because it is seen as a prelude to selling, dissolving, or dividing the corporation between Alpine and Marfa, which will create a direct financial benefit for each city. Marfa board member Garcia says City of Marfa should participate in any assessment as well.
SWTMG Board of Directors votes to postpone the review but Alpine City Council subsequently votes for city officials to carry it out anyway, and report their findings to Alpine City Council. Several persons familiar with SWTMG operations strongly take issue with Alpine city staff’s findings reported at council.

Nov 15 2010    Board discusses letter from West Texas Gas indicating WTG’s “desire to purchase the corporate and/or the two cities’ natural gas assets and infrastructure.”
Board majority, led by members of “General Management Committee,” votes to remove GPS equipment from SWTMG vehicles. (This was done at the behest of employees after an earlier meeting between board members and employees.) Installation and use of GPS system by former GM Davis had previously saved SWTMG tens of thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

Jan 2011    SWTMG Board of Directors accepts FY 2009-2010 Corporate Audit and Auditor’s Report showing all SWTMG finances to be strictly in order. Over a year of assertions by certain board members that GM Davis was either financially incompetent or possibly defrauding SWTMG are proven to be false and malicious rumor mongering.

Early Mar 2011 SWTMG Board of Directors member (and former board president) Avinash Rangra resigns.
SWTMG Board of Directors member Leo Dominguez resigns.

Mar 21 2011    Board of Directors of SWTMG apparently violates Texas Open Meetings Act and it’s own by-laws by allowing General Manager’s Report that is not listed on the posted public agenda for this meeting. When Board President Johnson realizes GM Report is not listed on agenda he says: “We’re not bound by our agendas,” and tells the board that if they’re OK with it, the board will include the GM Report. No vote is taken. Several board members joke about lack of computer skills of Board Secretary Wiemers, who wanted a one-page agenda but apparently couldn’t widen margins on agenda to make all items fit.
In first part of GM Report GM Randy Guzman discusses DIMP procedures and tracking of service work on computers.
Second part of his report deals with contracted boring company Badeco regarding work on the TXDOT Sidewalk Project/gas main replacement. Badeco was originally told they could complete work in stages, but Guzman says TXDOT contractor is moving fast on Holland Ave. and boring work and service tie-ins need to be completed quickly. Randy asks board if he should have backup plan; says he has already spoken to another contractor, Juan Lerma of Corpus Christi, about filling in if Badeco doesn’t work out. Suggestion by Johnson and Dunlap to hire Lerma if Badeco doesn’t show up or can’t work according to updated SWTMG schedule. Dunlap says board will need to have Special Meeting to hire Lerma.
Third part of GM report is regarding two bids received for sale of SWTMG pipe trailer. Dunlap tells Guzman “Open ’em up!”, then immediately tells Guzman to refrain from opening the bids because there is no agenda item to do so.

Mar 28 2011    Special Meeting. SWTMG board accepts offer from City of Alpine Utilities Director Cindy Hollander to provide a backhoe and crew to assist SWTMG with excavations around services along west Holland Ave., related to TXDOT Sidewalk Project/gas main replacement. No mention is made regarding compensation from SWTMG to City of Alpine for proposed assistance. No written agreement regarding this assistance exists in City of Alpine records. Previously city personnel were not able to assist SWTMG because they lacked proper Operator Qualification under Texas Railroad Commission regulations.
Board agrees to hire Paragon Corp. to finish gas main replacements and tie-ins related to TXDOT Sidewalk Project/gas main replacement. Paragon Corp. is owned by Joey DeHart, business associate of SWTMG Board Member (and Alpine City Council member) Diana Asgeirsson. She abstains from vote to hire Paragon Corp.
Paragon Corp. principal Joey DeHart dodges questions regarding Texas Railroad Commission certifications, saying company hired to do bores for Paragon Corp. (Concho Trenching) has them but “We’re working on those.”** DeHart touts other licenses not related to project such as master plumber, electrician, etc.
(** For 4 1/2 years while GM Davis was running SWTMG, Paragon Corp. was never qualified to bid on SWTMG contracts because they lacked proper insurance and drug testing plans. The main contractor on a bid must have a written Operator Qualification (OQ) plan stating which employees are qualified for which tasks. They must also have an Anti-Drug Program Plan and an Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan stating when employees were tested and under what conditions. It was never made clear to the board at this meeting if the Paragon Corp. personnel were qualified under a Paragon OQ plan or if they would be qualified under Concho’s or Juan Lerma’s OQ plan. The worker performing tasks on gas lines must be personally qualified. They cannot simply work under a qualified individual. When asked by Mayor Dunlap if Paragon has certifications from the Texas Railroad Commission, DeHart replied that Concho has them, but never confirms that Paragon Corp. employees, including himself, are certified.)
DeHart also seeks to persuade SWTMG board to save money by not procuring a performance bond, encouraging the board to accept “progressive invoicing” instead, explained as a system wherein SWTMG GM Guzman would inspect Paragon’s work and pay as it is completed. Previously all SWTMG contractors were required to be bonded for $1 million.
Board hires Juan Lerma to do Holland Ave. service tie-ins without knowing how much he will charge.

Apr 18 2011    Board of Directors of SWTMG apparently violates Texas Open Meetings Act and its own by-laws for a second time in two months by allowing a quorum of the Board of Directors to meet with SWTMG employees and discuss SWTMG business after the regular board meeting. The meeting with employees had no publicly posted agenda, nor were any recordings, minutes, or other records kept of business discussed.
As the board was considering issues relating to the dissolution of the corporation, SWTMG Bookkeeper Dian Raun asked the board to listen to and consider employee questions regarding dissolving the corporation. Board President Johnson told Ms. Raun that employee concerns were not on the posted agenda and therefor could not be discussed. (In contradiction of his statement less than a month earlier that “We’re not bound by our agendas.” ) Johnson stated his concern for the employees’ future but reiterated that the board could not discuss their issues. At the close of the Board of Directors meeting Board Vice President Dunlap told employees to stay if they so desired and the board would meet with them. He specified that only SWTMG employees and their spouses could remain for the second meeting; all other persons were to leave the building. The entire Board of Directors stayed behind for the second meeting.
During the General Manager’s report of the posted meeting, while discussing setting up a Special Meeting to approve extra work for Paragon Corp. related to the TXDOT Sidewalk Project/gas main replacements, Mayor Johnson said that technically they did not fall under the 72 hour public agenda posting rule (in the Texas Open Meetings Act.)
The board also set the SWTMG dissolution date as the day in February, 2011, that the Marfa City Council voted to dissolve SWTMG, and to use that date as the point to divide SWTMG assets, with a goal of having each city running its own gas system by October 1st, 2011. (SWTMG assets, especially cash, held on that February date would be greater than during the current date, when the company was losing money due to lower gas sales caused by warmer weather.)

May 16 2011    Marfa Mayor and Board of Directors Vice President Dunlap reveals that the actual Year-to-Date financials reveal that SWTMG is “$186,000 in the hole, and still digging.” The cash on hand is revealed to be $537,000, but the company still owes over $150,000 for gas purchases in March, plus subsequent outstanding bills.
GM Guzman said a one month old leak survey also revealed that Marfa had 5 gas leaks for a total loss of 5,342 units, while Alpine had 19 leaks for a total loss of 4, 310 units.
The board considered employee severance packages in Executive Session, but tabled the item for further discussion upon reconvening into open session.
SWTMG attorney G. William Fowler submitted his resignation on May 13, 2011. The board did not make his reasons for doing so public.


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