Wal-Mart in Fort Stockton expands; city bans plastic bags

Wal-Mart Corporation has moved and expanded its Fort Stockton store. The new store is also on Dickinson Blvd., several blocks west of the old store.

Although the new store (42,000 square feet larger than the former Ft. Stockton WalMart) is being called a “Supercenter” by the megalith coporation, the new 95,000-square foot store is only about half the size of the average 185,000-squ-re foot Wal-Mart Supercenter.

According to Wal-Mart, the store will employ about 200 people, an increase of 85 positions.

“This new store will provide new services not only to Fort Stockton residents, but to the entire Trans-Pecos and Big Bend area of Texas,” said Doug May with the Fort Stockton Economic Development Corporation. May also said the region would benefit from the recently remodeled Lowe’s supermarket, and he hoped shoppers from the Trans-Pecos and Big Bend would no longer make the trip to Midland-Odessa for shopping and will instead stay  in Fort Stockton.

Effective September 1, the City of Fort Stockton banned the use of plastic bags, forcing the new Wal-Mart and the remodeled Lowe’s supermarket, along with all other local vendors, to offer paper bags only.

One checkout counter employee at Wal-Mart said she did not like the paper bags, and that customers did not like them either.

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