Outgoing Judge and Brewster County Commissioners Court have busy agenda Tuesday, Dec. 16

Outgoing Brewster County Judge Kathy Killingsworth has set a busy agenda for ommissioners court. Agenda items include: purchases, transfers of funds, and an item pertaining to the Terlingua Common School District.

Here is the agenda:


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2014, AT 9:00 A.M.





To discuss and take action as appropriate on the following:

1. Minutes / additions / corrections / approval

2. Treasurer

A. General Bills / Discussion and appropriate action

B.  Financial Reports / Updates, Discussion, Review and appropriate

action concerning the following:

Specified Activity Report                       Payroll Reports

Cash Flow Predictions                           Check Register

Budget Analysis Usage Report              Transfers

Receipt File Listings                               Personnel/Overtime Reports

Cash Report                                            Other Financial Reports as

Grant Reports                                         Requested by Commissioner


C.  Line-item transfers & Budget amendments for all County Departments:

County Judge                                               County Attorney

County Clerk                                                County Treasurer

County Veteran’s Office                              Tax Assessor-Collector

Non-Departmental                                        Courthouse

Contracting Agencies                                   County Jail

Community Facilities                                   Constable Pct. 1, 2, & 3

Emergency Management                             Sheriff

County Court                                                Extension Officer

District Clerk                                                Exten. Serv. (Home Agent)


D. Consideration of Granting Permission for the County Treasurer with the approval of

the County Judge to:

1. Transfer funds from General Fund to Road & Bridge Department for 2014  deficits.

2. Transfer funds to General Fund from Reserve Accounts, if necessary

3. Interim Payment of Bills


E. Brewster County Tourism Council / Transfer funds from checking account to

Investment Account

F. Implementation of Procurement Procedures / Issuance of Purchase Orders

G. Sales Tax Issues with County Jail Commissary

H. Other general administrative & procedural matters related to Treasurer’s Office /

Discussion and appropriate action for work of Treasurer’s Office to go forward


3. Officials’ Monthly Reports / Discussion and appropriate action

4. Child Welfare Board

A.  Update

B. Appointment/Reappointment of Board Members

5. Discussion and action upon issuance of Request for Proposals for jail inmate phone

system, including authorization to publish notice thereof and setting the deadline for

receipt of Proposals

6. Texas Community Development Block Grant Program (TX CDBG) grant / Update on

Marathon Well Grant, TX CDBG 71304

A. Consider bids / Recommendations from Travis Roberts, Engineer

B. Award Contract for TX CDBG 71304

7. Road & Bridge Department / Community Facilities

A. Road & Bridge Superintendent’s Report

General updates on maintenance and repairs for all county roads & state

of County Roads System; road materials including, fuel, supplies including

usage & inventories & future needs; budgetary matters; equipment

including heavy equipment, (maintenance repairs, future needs,

replacement and additions), pickups, trailers and other light vehicles and

accessories, and small equipment, (usage, future needs), equipment rentals;

facilities (yards in Alpine, Marathon and S. County) cattle guards, fences

and other means of containing livestock; safety issues and equipment; and

community facilities (assistance with maintenance and other related

issues); assistance to other governmental entities and emergency

responders; personnel issues, (vacancies, new hires, discipline,

performance, safety and other general personnel matters); permits for

boring or trenching for utilities across County Roads / Discussion and

appropriate action


B. Purchase of vehicles / Solicit bids for two pickups for Road & Bridge Department

C. Precinct 3 / Heating for the Emilio Salmon Fire Station

D. Discussion and appropriate action for general work of Road & Bridge

Department to go forward


8. County Holiday Schedule for 2015 / Proposal to keep number of holidays the same as in

2014 / Discussion and appropriate action to adopt schedule


9. 2015 Commissioners Court Regular Meeting Schedule

A. Review current 2014 schedule / Discussion

B. Propose & adopt schedule for 2015

10. Texas Agri-Life Extension Office

A. Update on activities

B. Consider soliciting bids for pick-up truck / Cost to be shared with Jeff Davis


11. Elections / Special Election – January 13, 2015

A. Consideration of Amendments to Election Judges and Alternate Judges

B. Sign the Order of the Special Election

C. Review training schedule for Election Judges/Alternate Judges/Workers

D. Review sample ballot

E. Notice of Election to be published December 18, 2014

12. Amendment of Security Policy for the Courthouse/County Facilities

13. Consideration of Resolution defining Commissioners Court/County Judge’s

responsibilities/authority regarding Terlingua Common School District

14. Public Comment

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