Terlingua to Celebrate 25th Annual Pea Off New Year’s Day

The 25th Annual Blackeyed Pea Off  This is an annual event you don’t want to miss! Held on Thursday, January 1st, 2015, in the Terlingua Ghostown. Turn in time is 2pm sharp, on the Terlingua Porch. There’s a $5.00 fee per entry. You can cook on-site or off.  We have two rules: 1)Have Fun 2) No Beans! For a donation of $5.00, you get a bowl, spoon and cornbread, starting at 2pm (after the peas are turned in to the judges) you can get your “goodluck” dose of peas. There will be an open mike, cake walk (this is a callout for cakes!), “hot date” raffle, and a surprise arrest. Proceeds will benefit Last Minute, Low Budget Productions. This year there will be a special guest Co-host, Tommy X Hancock. The very first Blackeyed Pea Off was a contest between Pam Ware, long time local, and Tommy X Hancock, which ended in a tie. We are, 25 years later, having the tie-breaker contest on the side. The public will have a chance to vote (for a $1 a vote) between Pot A or Pot B (you won’t know whose is whose).  At 4pm cut-off, we’ll settle this once and for all! We would also like to note that this year’s event is dedicated to the memory of David Tinsley, long time contestant of the Blackeyed Pea Off.Come join us and start your year out with a fantastic party and get your “good luck” peas. (From the Terlingua Moon)

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