Energy Transfer received pipeline permit April 6

The Big Bend Gazette has obtained a copy of the pipeline permit to operate the proposed Waha to Presisio natural gas pipeline, known as a T-4, issued to Energy Transfer for project.

The Texas Railroad Commission issued permit number 9352 to Energy Transfer on April 6, as an “Initial permit for aproximatly 143 miles of proposed 43″ ‘Waha to Presidio’ transmission line. Owner and economic operator listed as Trans-Pecos Pipeline LLC.”

According to the application by Energy Transfer that was received by the railroad commission on February 2, the pipeline will be an intrastate line and operated as a gas utility.

According to Ramona Nye of the commission in an email to the Gazette, “Based on information provided by Energy Transfer, our Pipeline Safety section also has determined this proposed pipeline would be an intrastate pipeline under the pipeline safety regulation of the Railroad Commission. It will be an intrastate pipeline because Energy Transfer’s ownership of the pipeline will end at the Texas border, and the portion of the pipeline going into Mexico will be owned by a separate owner.

On April 29,  pipeline project manager Rick Smith made a presentation to Brewster County Commissioners Court. During public comment period about six area residents spoke against the proposed pipeline.

Later in the day, the Big Bend Citizens Allience gathered at the Alpine Public Library. In strange irony, the group opposed to the pipeline, met in the American Electric Power Foundation Mulipurpose Room.

About thirty people attended the meeting consisting of many large landowners.

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