Brewster County Commissioner (Pct. 1) Luc Novovitch announces run for commissioner

From Luc Novovitch: In April 2015 Judge Cano appointed me Brewster County Commissioner for Precinct 1. As part of the selection process I had an interview with the Judge during which, in addition to answering questions, I made clear that if appointed I would take my duties very seriously, that I would be a team player, but that I would keep my independence of judgement and appreciation of the County’s affairs.

Being a commissioner is being a public servant, which means the public interests come first in any decision that must be taken. During the seven months I have served the County this has been my basic rule, and I will continue to adhere to that if the constituents of Precinct 1 vote to keep me as their Commissioner.

The Brewster County Commissioners Court meets in regular sessions twice a month. This is when public comments can be expressed, discussions and decisions can be made. But between these sessions there is a lot of work to be done if one takes his duties seriously — which I do. From working at finding a solution to the need for ground transportation by ambulance out of the county (instead of systematically flying patients to distant hospitals, often resulting in excessive bills), to working at keeping the County’s expenses in line with our financial means, there are a multitude of problems to be addressed and solved to improve our quality of life, our safety, our economy.

These necessary hard decisions, sometimes unpopular, have to be made to insure our current and future financial stability. The most important recent decision has been the hiring of a County Auditor who, working with the Treasurer and other elected officials, has already accomplished much needed improvements.

My wife Barbara and I moved to the Big Bend in 1998, living in Marathon before moving to Alpine. The move to the Big Bend was an important one, made after several visits to the area introduced us to the land and its inhabitants. Upon moving to Marathon we opened the Sotol Gallery of photography, and Barbara started the Marathon Gazette newspaper (we both had earlier careers in the news business), which under a different ownership later became the Big Bend Gazette. After more than 17 years in Brewster County, I proudly call it my home.

After careful consideration I have decided to run for election. If elected I will keep the same resolutions: taking a fresh look at some old problems or situations in need of solutions, being willing to meet people “half way” if that means proceeding in the right direction, and not having a prejudiced attitude or approach rooted in the past.

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