Lawyer,West Texas native Sandy Wilson announces candidacy for 83rd District Attorney

Sandy Wilson has announced she will run for the 83rd Judicial District Attorney position against Rod Ponton in the 2016 election. The following is Wilson’s statement:

“I feel the 83rd Judicial District Attorney’s office has taken a dramatic downturn the last three years. There is a severe lack of integrity, competence, and accountability in the office since Mr. Ponton became the District Attorney three years ago. Employee turnover has been high, cases are mismanaged, and the majority of cases personally tried by Mr. Ponton have resulted in negative consequences for our citizens. Victims and/or their families are being misinformed and misled about their cases. Cases are being prosecuted or rejected depending on the association between Mr. Ponton and the defendant or defense attorney. County money and equipment are being used for Mr. Ponton’s personal interests and travel.

I will bring back the integrity of the office and will be a hands-on working district attorney who will competently handle cases in a timely manner. My goal is to fairly and thoroughly handle all cases brought to the office in a fair and impartial manner based on the facts of each case and not who the person is or who represents the person. I pledge total disclosure to the victim and or victim’s family and will strive to keep the turnover rate of office personnel to a minimum. If elected, I will accept full responsibility for all actions that come out of the office and stop blaming the jury, the judge, my staff, or law enforcement officers.

I have been an attorney over seven years and have extensive experience in both family and criminal cases in the capacity of both defense and prosecutor roles. I feel I am a competent trial lawyer with proven results. I have been appointed as special prosecutor for cases where the prosecutor has a conflict and my trials in those cases have resulted in guilty verdicts. I have experience handling serious felony cases including murder, aggravated assaults, all sexual assault cases and have the ability to competently try these cases without the need to call in the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

I was born and raised in West Texas and grew up in Marathon. Prior to becoming an attorney in 2007, I worked as a nurse for 30 years in West Texas. My extensive experience as a critical care nurse has enhanced my ability to thoroughly review and try high felony cases and deal with the victims and victim family members of these cases in a professional and empathetic manner. I look forward to fully representing the citizens of Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos and Presidio Counties and restoring integrity and confidence back into this important office.”

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