Letter to the Editor regarding Tom Curry’s open carry cartoon

Regardless of one’s political beliefs, I think most people would agree that the country is divided more than any time since the civil war. One of the primary reasons for this is the divisive, false and slanted information people get from the internet, and unfortunately sometimes from the media. Most of us have long ago given up on receiving researched and unbiased information from most media sources.
So what is the responsibility of the media, in this case the “Big Bend Gazette” to print the truth? Case in point is Tom Curry’s totally deceitful cartoon about the new Texas Open Carry Law. Mr. Curry portrays two men, obviously seated in a bar drinking lots of beer and tequila, and carrying numerous firearms. Anyone holding a Texas Carry License is aware that neither open nor concealed carry is legal in a bar (or any establishment deriving 51% or more of its revenue from the sale of alcohol consumed on premises). I would also point out that the cartoon shows one man with a rifle slung over his shoulder, which has absolutely nothing to do with the new open carry law. That law pertains to handguns only; it has been legal to openly carry a rifle or shotgun in Texas for years.
Since Mr. Curry doesn’t seem to be interested in researching the truth, open carry is legal in 45 states. Are we to assume from his point of view that Texans are less responsible than people from other states? I would ask if knowingly publishing something that is blatantly false is in the spirit of the First Amendment, or is it just seeking political advantage?
Don Cadden

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