Jackass Flats: No fighting, whining or thieving

By John Waters, Publisher


The Jackass Flats Pavilion has monthly potluck gatherings under the full moon, which start at about 6:30 pm. The public is welcome to attend, for friendship, fun, and food. Just bring a dish and show up. There is often live music at the gatherings. (Voni Glaves, photo)

“No Fighting, Whining or Thieving” reads the sign at the pavilion built by the Jackass Flats Improvement Association in Big Bend Valley, north of Terlingua.

The open-air pavilion located 55-miles south of Alpine just off Hwy 118 is open to the public, free of charge. According to Pam Gordon, one of the members of the association, people are welcome to stop by, rest, and enjoy the stunning views.

Recently Gordon and several other landowners, including Paul and Terry Burger, partnered to develop public facilities in the valley, and opened the pavilion about two months ago.

The association has restored the nearby steer pens and intends to work on preserving local history as well. The group has employed local construction crews as much as possible in their restoration projects.

A ten-site primitive campground is located behind the pavilion, where campsites are available for five dollars per night.

Plans are in the works to open a country store at Jackass Flats, which will be the only store between Alpine and Terlingua.

Eventually, Gordon said, the association hopes to build and open a restaurant and saloon.

As an example of the goings on at the pavilion here is part of an announcement for the March potluck§; “The Full Moon of March is popularly known as the Worm Moon, Crow Moon, Sap Moon, or Lenten Moon. This year it is a very important one for believers of Christianity. Since it is the first Full Moon that follows the vernal equinox, it fixes the date of Easter, the most important of the moveable feasts in the Christian calendar. Luna starts the week high above the stars of Orion, then wends her way eastward through Gemini and Cancer. You’ll find her just under five degrees southeast of the bright star, Regulus, on the evening of the 20th. On the following night, she cozies up to bright Jupiter, passing just two degrees south of the bright planet.”

For more information on the Jackass Flats Improvement Association, visit the Facebook page, or head on over for a full-moon potluck.


The old Greasewood Flats store has been restored by the Jackass Flats Improvement Association. Although not operating as a store. the building is often open to the public, with soft drinks available for a small donation. The facility also has great front and back porches with spectacular views, and free WiFi access. (John  Waters, photo)

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