Congressman Hurd Dumps Trump

The Associated Press (AP) has reported Congressman Will Hurd R-TX-23, has called for Donald Trump to step aside as the Republican Party presidential nominee. Hurd is the first Texas Republican to call for Trump to step aside.

According to the AP, campaign manager Justin Hollis said Saturday that Hurd had released a statement saying he “cannot in good conscience support or vote for” someone who “degrades women, insults minorities” and has no solid plan to keep America safe.

Hurd added that Trump should bow out “for a true conservative to beat Hillary Clinton.”

Javier Gamboa of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following statement:

“Will Hurd’s desperate and politically-calculated maneuver to try to save his political career comes way too late. To finally come up with a decision about his Party’s standard bearer – and still not vote for Hillary Clinton – is not bravery, it is not principled, and it is not worthy of Texas voters he’s supposed to serve.”

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