Brewster County adopts 90-day burn ban, effective immediately

The Brewster County Commissioners Court adopted a 90-day burn ban at its meeting on Monday, January 13.

The use of cooking stoves fueled by “white gasoline” or enclosed outdoor cooking grills or pits fueled by propane, natural gas, or wood will be permitted during the burn ban.

Commercial businesses/vendors may also use fire for outdoor cooking or heating in order to operate the business. The fire must be screened and in a pit or fire ring.

Welding is allowed by commercial/professional welders under the following guidelines only:

1. A spotter is required for each welder, each cutter, each grinder, and for any activity that causes or may cause a spark.

2. A diameter around the welding area shall be cleared of vegetation.

3. Welders must have enough fire suppressants on hand to suppress any fire that may be started from their use of welding equipment.

4. Welding in an enclosed area is acceptable.

5. No welding is permitted if “red flag” warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service.

Persons violating this order may be arrested and fined up to $500.

Past burn bans have required a permit for welding; that is NOT necessary at this time.

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