Letter to the Editor

Politics are a funny thing….
I remember when Terlingua was famous for having the longest bus ride in
the nation. Now we have our own high school. I remember when the fire
and EMS service had to depend on a small stipend from the county to keep
its doors open. Now we have an ESD. I remember when the grant for the
personal septic systems “came to town.” Lots of fancy new thrones.

I remember when our property taxes were poised to go through the roof. They

did not. I remember watching with pride as both of my children graduated

from a school that had been built without a bond issue. Because of the
quality of education they received there, they have both gone on to
graduate from college and launch into the world.

I remember the graduations where the scholarships outnumbered the the kids recieveing
them. Kathy Killingsworth was involved in all of these things and
deserves a lot of the credit for the positive outcomes.
I remember the tourism board meetings that my county commissioner came to.
I remember watching that same county commissioner oversee on an almost
daily basis the construction of our new EMS center in her “spare” time. I
remember the outreaches to my neighbors that happened to live on the south
side of a muddy strip of water. I remember a woman who always was there
for the hard work and decisions that did make our lives in south county
better. Yes, I also remember some trampled toes – it is the price tag
when someone steps up to make a community a better place to live.
Brewster county has the chance to benefit from this womans’ proven ability
and dedication.
So [May 27], I will remember Kathy Killingsworth at the voting booth.

Linda Walker

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