2015 Terlingua Artists Calendar to be unveiled; Nov. 24 opening in the Terlingua Ghost Town

The latest project of the Big Bend Citizen Alliance and local artists is the 2015 Terlingua Artists Calendar. The calendar features images from thirteen local artists, including Mark “Eyeball” Kneeskern whose images grace the cover and back page. The project’s purpose is to promote awareness of local artists and their work. Twenty six local businesses and individuals are sponsoring the project.
The initial plan was conceived by an ad hoc group of Terlingua artists and craftspeople and was designed by Lauren Stedman of Menagerie Press of Terlingua Ghosttown. Dedicated to Mark Kneeskern, the calendars will be available at local Terlingua businesses and at the Earth and Fire venue at ArtWalk in Alpine.
Featured artists include (not in order): Joe Rife, Voni Glaves, Pam Ware, Crystal Allbright, Bonnie Wunderlich, Ruth Jansyn, Molly Dumas, Mary Paloma Diesel, Dani Bottenfield, Lauren Stedman, Mark Kneeskern, Collie Ryan, Zoey Sexton.
The art opening for the calendar will be combined with a reception at Earth and Fire in Terlingua Ghostown for artist Bill Gilles, an honored thirty seven year veteran and resident of Study Butte, Texas. Bill is a creative artist using multi media, recycled metal pieces, and featuring leatherwork (medicine bags, purses, bracelets) as well as lapidary work. Join us for wine and refreshments on Monday, Nov. 24th, 4-7 pm.
Resellers may contact Mindy Hamlett, BBCA president, for further information at 371-2678.

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