Staton wins race for Brewster County treasurer

Breaking News: Brewster County Commissioners Court and County Judge Kathy Killingsworth have concluded the canvass of 2014 elections. Minutes ago, the canvass ended after meeting for almost two days.

Republican Ruth Staton has won the race for county treasurer by eleven votes. In a text message to the Gazette, Staton wrote, “I won.”

Last week the Gazette broke the news a counting error had incorrectly given incumbent Della Shackelford an extra 100 votes on election day counting. Originally, Shackleford had been declared the winner in unofficial counts. When the Early Voting Ballot Board met, it discovered the error and informed the county of the error.

All voting returns are subject to scrutiny and examination by a process called a canvass. The canvass met all day yesterday and this morning going over tally sheets and returns. The canvass ended today shortly after noon.

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