Pipeline Eminent Domain proceeding rules in favor of landowners

A special board of commissioners convened in Brewster County has ruled in favor of Leoncita Land Company [owned by Tom and Val Beard] versus the Trans-Pecos Pipeline LLC that will cross the Beard’s property.

In Cause No 2016-04 B0852-CV in the matter of Trans- Pecos Pipeline Company vs. Leoncita Land Company, the commissioners, consisting of Brewster County residents Steve Houston, Joe Torres, and Ester Howard found the following:

“We assess the damages to be paid by Plaintiff [Trans-Pecos Pipeline] for the condemnation of said Easements in the total amount of $625,000 and we do now hereby award such damages to said Defendant.”

The special commission was appointed by Judge Roy Furgeson and consists of Brewster County residents, Steve Houston, Joe Torres and Ester Howard.

The award is not expected to delay construction of the pipeline.

Suzanne Bailey contributed to this report.

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