City of Alpine receives stellar financial audit report

At a special Alpine City Council meeting tonight, the city received an excellent report of the city financials from the auditing firm of Gibson, Ruddock, Patterson.

Auditor Craig Gibson used superlatives to describe Alpine’s financial condition, including, “I’m honestly thrilled to see this improvement….Very, very healthy financials. You should be very proud of management.”

The audit was issued with no findings of accounting practices that in need of correction, and four findings from last year’s audit were corrected.

Erik Zimmer City manager said this of the audit, ” I’m very pleased with the outcome from this years audit compiled by our independent auditor.   We reached a new threshold with have ZERO findings this year.  We also enjoyed another year of improvement in the overall net position of the City finances.

I am most pleased with the leadership that Megan Antrim has brought to the City and the discipline of her staff and all of our Department Heads supporting Alpine.  We will continue to raise the bar on how we execute and focus on working well with our City Council and Residents to ensure we maximize the use of City dollars for the benefit of the community.”
The Big Bend Gazette will have a full article on the city audit in our April print edition out on Monday.

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