Trans-Pecos Pipeline Donates $500,000 to Presidio County. Regional donations top $2.8 million

Largest Gift in the 142-year History of the County’s Existence

PRESIDIO COUNTY, Texas, June 12, 2017 — Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara announced today that the county has received a $500,000 gift commitment from Trans-Pecos Pipeline, LLC. Judge Guevara said that she and members of the Commissioners Court will vote on the acceptance of the gift in a regular session of court, as directed by State statutes, but that she is confident the court will welcome Trans-Pecos Pipeline’s generosity.

“This is a truly magnificent gesture and I am very grateful,” said Guevara. “This donation really exemplifies Trans-Pecos Pipeline’s commitment to work in support of facilitating thriving, robust communities. This is the largest gift in the 142-year history of the county’s existence. The Commissioners and I will work to put this money where it will provide the most benefit to every taxpayer and citizen.”

She added that informal discussions with the county’s financial advisors and county auditor indicate that the most effective use of the funds will likely be to pay down or eliminate the county’s debt. The debt incurred for building the Presidio County jail has been a burden on taxpayers and a drain on funds available for other purposes for two decades, and meeting the debt obligation has been a factor in forcing the county into severe financial straits at least twice. Getting rid of the jail debt, Guevara continued, is probably the best thing this court could do for the people it serves.

“Another opportunity for the county is its emergency preparedness. New equipment could better support our law enforcement to help make all of us safer and more secure,” Judge Guevara noted.

Some of the sheriff department’s needs include additional in-car video systems, body cameras, and laptops. Also, to aid in search and rescue and surveillance, the department has requested two night-vision binoculars, two drones, two ATV 2-seaters, and a Jeep Wrangler. It will be up to the Commissioners’ Court to decide how best to apply the gift, Guevara emphasized.

Trans-Pecos Pipeline, LLC is a joint venture owned in part by an affiliate of Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners is responsible for operating the 148-mile, 42-inch diameter pipeline designed to transport 1.4 billion cubic feet per day of clean burning natural gas as part of an agreement with Comisión Federal Electricidad, Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission.  The pipeline went into service March 31, 2017.

Additionally, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline is helping Presidio County in other ways. In March, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline announced it entered into a cooperative effort to help West Texas Gas and the City of Presidio offset construction costs of a new pipeline that will connect to the Trans-Pecos Pipeline and deliver natural gas to newly established Presidio Industrial Park.  The new lateral pipeline will help foster renewed economic development and provide the first natural gas service to the City of Presidio. It is expected to be in service by August 2017.

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