Voices From Both Sides Celebration Saturday in Lajitas

Voices From Both Sides, an international community music project, Saturday, May 9, 11 am to 7 pm, at Lajitas, Texas/Paso Lajitas (near Lajitas Golf Resort).The closing of this border between the US and Mexico on Mother’s Day weekend of 2002 separated families, friends, and community in this remote region of Big Bend, Texas. Beginning in 2013, residents of Terlingua—a neighboring community 17 miles east of Lajitas—Jeff Haislip and Collie Ryan -organized the 1st “Fiesta Protesta” as a way to bring attention to the need to reopen the border. “Music and art, not politics, will open our border,” Haislip said.
“We know with the world as it is today this is rare and a fragile balance of politics. Nonetheless, we are envisioned to proceed and sing our way to an open border.”
For more info including press and photos from past events visit: www.voicesfrombothsides.com, or visit www.facebook.com/voicesfrombothsides.

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